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Enrolling is easy. Earning points is even easier.

EASILY sign up for bonus points

Join rewards by simply entering your mobile phone number and you’ll unlock a bonus-point prize along with exclusive access to bonus perks and many ways to earn points each month.

SAVE more on your favorites

Rewards gives you instant access to bonus perks, including the member favorite of local discounts, where you can save on shopping, dining, entertainment and other daily activities.

EARN automatically with every refill

Earn bonus points each month by completing fun and simple tasks, like playing games, watching videos and more—all on top of earning each time you refill your plan.

REDEEM for excellent stuff

Cash in your points for a variety of redemption options, including service plans and high-speed data add-on cards, plus new options are always being added for fresh ways to save!

Still have questions? We’ve got the answers.

  1. What is Tracfone Rewards?

    Tracfone Rewards is a free program through which you get exclusive access to Instant Savings benefits, including local offers on dining, entertainment, travel, and more.

  2. Who is eligible for Tracfone Rewards?

    Subject to Tracfone's discretion, you must meet the following criteria to be eligible to participate in Tracfone Rewards:

    • Have at least one ESN active in your account
    • Be a resident of the US
    • Be at least 13 years of age.
  3. Is there a fee to participate in Tracfone Rewards?

    No, there’s no fee to join Tracfone Rewards.

  1. How do I sign up for Tracfone Rewards?

    There are three simple ways to join Rewards:
    Text “Rewards” to 611611
    Call 1-800-867-7183

  2. Who do I contact if I have trouble signing up?

    Please contact customer service at 1-800-867-7183.

  3. How does the program work?

    Tracfone Rewards is a program, created as a reward for being a loyal customer, by helping you save in your everyday life. You earn points by enrolling in the program, refilling your service every month, playing games, watching videos and more. There are multiple ways you can use the points you accumulate, including service plans.

  1. How do I refer someone to Tracfone Rewards?

    There are a variety of ways you can make a referral—face-to-face, email or social media. Go to to learn more. You will find helpful referral information and tools on this page.

  2. What is a referral code?

    Your referral code is your Tracfone Rewards code. Make sure the friend you are referring uses your referral code when signing up for Rewards, once they become a Tracfone customer. This is the only way you are both eligible to earn Refer-a-Friend bonus points.

  3. Where do I find my referral code?

    Your referral code will be provided each time you email, post or download your referral message.

  4. Do you provide any referral tools to help me refer friends and family?

    Absolutely! Visit and choose to send an email, download a flyer, or distribute via social media. All of these pieces of communication will have your referral code on it for your friends or family to use.

  5. How long does it take to receive my points after someone I refer joins Tracfone Rewards?

    Points earned through participation in Tracfone Rewards' Refer-A-Friend program are typically available to claim within 60 days after validation of the new account activation to Tracfone, and after referee joins Rewards within 14 days of activation.

  6. How long does it take to receive my points once I join Tracfone Rewards using a friend’s referral code?

    Points earned through participation in Tracfone Rewards' Refer-A-Friend program are typically available to claim within 60 days after validation of the new account activation, and after referee join Rewards within 14 days of activation.

  7. How many people can I refer?

    You are allowed to refer up to 5 friends and family members per month to be awarded points.

  8. Are there any other limitations to Referrals?

    1. Referrers cannot refer themselves
    2. For your pending points to become available, both the Referrer and Referee must remain active at the time of maturity date
    3. Referee ESN will be awarded points one time for the life of that ESN.

  1. How do I change my notification preferences?

    To change your notification settings, go to My Account. Then, click on “Update personal profile.” This can be found on the left side of the page under the My Account menu.

  2. What if I no longer want to be a part of Tracfone Rewards, how do I un-enroll?

    You can call customer service at 1-800-867-7183 to un-enroll from the program. Please keep in mind that you will lose any accumulated points

  3. What is the Savings Calculator?

    It is a tool to help you understand approximately how much you have saved using local offers as part of the Instant Savings benefits of the program.

  1. How can I earn more Points?

    Once you are logged in to Tracfone Rewards, select the "Earn Points" tab.

  2. Do all Service Plans earn you Reward Points?

    Most service plans will earn you Reward points. If you have a question on a specific plan, please call customer service at 1-800-867-7183.

  3. Can I see the history of my points?

    Yes, you will be able to see at least 6 months history of your engagement and participation in the program on the My Activity page.

  4. Can I earn Anniversary Bonus Points?

    You will earn surprise bonus points when you reach 6 month, 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months as a member. The longer you stay, the more points you earn.

  5. Do I earn points every time I share on social media?

    You are able to share your experience with friends as much as you want, but points are earned up to 2 times a month.

  6. What is the difference between Available, Pending and Total points?

    Available Points are the points you have available to Redeem. Pending Points are the points that you earned and remain in a pending period. They are not yet available for redemption. It usually takes 30 days from the moment that the points are earned for them to become available. Total Points are the total amount of points you have and include Pending and Available.

  7. How do I earn bonus points with Auto-Refill?

    If you are not yet enrolled in Auto-Refill, you will be able to earn one-time bonus points for every mobile number you enroll in Auto-Refill. As long as you are enrolled in Auto-Refill, you will also earn double the points you normally would for refilling your service plan each month. Please note, members that disenroll and then re-enroll in Auto-Refill will not qualify for a second round of bonus points.

  8. How many lines can I add to my account?

    The account holder can add up to 4 lines to their account to receive bonus points.

  9. How do I add a new line to my account?

    You can add a new line by:
    -Purchasing a (brand) device and service plan online or at a retailer
    -Bringing your own phone and purchasing a SIM card and service plan online or at a retailer
    NOTE: You MUST add the new line to your account in order to receive your points.

  10. When will my points become available for Adding Lines?

    Awarded points will take 60 days to process. Existing line(s) and new line(s) must be active for pending points to become available.

  11. Is this promotion valid for upgrades?

    No. This is only for new lines.

  12. Do I earn points for the new line?

    Yes, and that’s great news! You will earn points every month for refilling your service as long as your device is active.

  1. How do I redeem my Points?

    Once you are logged in to Tracfone Rewards, select the "Redeem Points" tab. On the Redeem Points page, you will see all the options available to use with points.

  2. How do I request a resend of my eGift Card redemption email?

    Please expect to receive your eGift Card email within the next 24 hours from sender “Your Rewards Program”.

    If you do not receive your eGift Card email within this time frame, please check your trash/junk/spam folders:

    For eGift Card inquiries ONLY, please contact our eGift Card support at

    For all other inquiries, please contact our general Rewards support at 1-800-867-7183.

  3. How do I check the balance of my eGift Card?

    You can check you balance online here @

  4. Can I exchange or cancel my eGift Card?

    Unfortunately, we cannot exchange or cancel eGift Cards.

  5. Does my eGift Card have an expiration date?

    No, your eGift Card does not expire.